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If you want to go and take apprentice, you have to select 
Apprentice button in Interaction Window 
(SHIFT + the left mouse button). If both sides agree, 
it will automatically check their levels and divide them into 
master and disciple.
  •  Master information of the disciple
  •  Location where your Master is registered.
  •  My position (This never changes)
  •  Registered Disciple
  •  Your Disciple. You can register up to 2 disciples.
  •  Disciple of Disciple information
  • The information of apprentice information will show when you move your cursor to the Master or Disciple Icon.
  • FP (Favor Point) increases via apprentice meet
    Able to gain more bonus experience rate when
    FP increases.
  • The last time of meet and next meeting time. 
    Need to have the meet within the specified time
    to avoid FP being deducted

After the relationship was realized, you need to interact within specified period to maintain the apprenticeship. 

The Master can choose praise, discipline or terminate and disciple can choose appreciation, disobedience or terminate. 

If Master or disciple chooses praise or appreciation, FP will increase by +1. On the other hand, if there is punishment or isobedience, FP will decrease by -1. (If by luck, you can receive +3 by 10% rate) 

If the level of disciple is higher than the master, the apprentice will automatically be terminated. So a master must always try his best to keep the level higher than that of his disciple


Final FP = 60   After 24hours (1 Day)   Accumulated EXP X 200%
51 <= Final FP <= 59   Within 48 hours (2 Days)   Accumulated EXP X 150%
41 <= Final FP <= 50   Within 72 hours (3 Days)   Accumulated EXP X 130%
31 <= Final FP <= 40   Within 96 hours (4 Days)   Accumulated EXP X 120%
21 <= Final FP <= 30   Within 120 hours (5 Days)   Accumulated EXP X 120%
11 <= Final FP <= 20   Within 144 hours (6 Days)   Accumulated EXP X 110%
1 <= Final FP <= 10   Within 144 hours (6 Days)   Accumulated EXP X 80%
Final FP = 0   Within 96 hours (4 Days)   Accumulated EXP X 50%


If you select [Terminate] button in the menu of apprentice, the relationship is terminated.
The apprentice does not have to meet to terminate.

  •  Click on the Link between the Master and Disciple to terminate your apprenticeship
  • Message will show to confirm the termination and Apprentice will terminate when you click “Yes”.